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Welcome to Freddy's Street Food.

Freddy's Street Food is a fast, casual and authentic Italian and Greek restaurant specializing in items such as wraps, pasta bowls, chopped salads, and gyros. You can enjoy Italian food one day and Greek the next. Founded in Delaware, Ohio with a mission to create fresh, modern food with more locations coming to the Columbus area. Keep checking back for updates. Follow us on: "Facebook".


Working at Freddy's

Freddy's Street Food is hiring for the following areas. Print the application and bring it in. Most of the time we will do on the spot inverviews. "Job Application".

Hiring for:
- Restaurant Team Members
- Restaurant Cooks

We will be looking for some to help make the perfect Freddy's Wrap, Pasta Bowl or chopped Salad Bowl. We don't have multiple job titles for our entry level employees but all of our crew will play the role of dishwasher, cashier, server, cook, prep cook, etc. so be prepared to learn a lot and work hard if you join the team.

Five Star Rewards Program

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Fundraise at Freddy's Street Food

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We do more than just make great food at Freddy's. Our restaurants is committed to supporting local groups like neighboring schools, youth sports teams and non-profit organizations. One way we do this is by hosting fundraisers at our restaurant.

Keep 20% Of The Proceeds

When you partner with Freddy's Street food restaurant to raise money for your group, we'll provide you with digital flyers to spread the word about when and where the fundraiser is taking place.

Your supporters can then at checkout leave their receipt in the dropbox, we will total up the sales at the end of the event and simply write a check.

But before you start counting your money, please note that submitting an application does not guarantee approval and Freddy's must confirm the date and time of the fundraiser. You will be able to select dates we have open and times.

Get in Touch with Freddy's Street Food

Feel free to email us, or jump over to our Facebook page.

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Freddy's Street Food

1165 Columbus Pike, Delaware, OH 43015

+1 (740) 363-0111